FRANKIE BEVERLY 

Frankie Beverly, best known on the rare soul scene for his evergreen Sassy/Gamble classic "If That's What You Wanted" and his Rouser/Fairmount rarity "Because of My Heart". The Sassy label was owned by Billy Jackson another Philadelphian soul legend, who produced the 45 but had his name left off when he leased the song to Kenny  Gamble's label.


                                    THE FOUR LARKS

Philadelphia's Four Larks consisted of Weldon A McDougall III, and were responsible for a couple of much loved outings on Tower although their history goes back through a number of other labels too. Weldon was part owner of Harthon Records but leased the Four Larks outings to Capitol's West Coast Tower imprint. "Groovin' At The Go Go b/w I Still Love You" has the Harthon signature of Luther Randolph and Johnny Stiles stamped all over it. Tremendous stuff! The female in the group was non other than Weldon McDougal's wife Vivian, who was also the voice behind Irma and The Larks and Irma and The Fascinations. Weldon also produced a version on his protoge Shirley Slaughter.



                             THE CAPITOLS

The Capitols are sometimes regarded as a dance craze group but there is so much more to this vocal trio than "Cool Jerk". Thier work with Ollie McLaughlin in Detroit stand the test of time and alongside "Don't Say Maybe Baby" they have a long list of outings from that era. For me their best recordings are on their final Karen 45 with "I Thought She Loved Me" b/w "When You're In Trouble", the B side equaling anything that the city has produced soul wise. Group member Donald Storball was the main songwriter for the group and is still performing today.



                                                  DEON JACKSON

Another artists managed by Ollie McLaughlin's talents Deon Jackson recorded a number of classic soul songs in Detroit and Chicago. His time with Ollie's Carla Records resulted in some of the finest sweet soul ever produced in the city. His dozen or so releases can be found without breaking the bank although his unreleased Atlantic acetate of "Someday The Sun Will Shine"  has proven to be one off so far.  A couple of real quality records by him are: "Ooh Baby" and "I Can't Go On", Deon currently resides in a suburb of Chicago and works as a mentor to High School students. He still plays the piano regularly but cannot be coaxed to perform his vintage recordings.